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We are focused on providing a platform that

enables young athletes to take control of the

future they so desire. We are dedicated to

creating a culture that enables our Team

Members to do the same.

We’re looking for the best

Our VS Team Members are some of the most talented in their industry, and most are former athletes and/or passionate sports fans. They never settle for mediocre. We are made up of producers, editors, writers, marketers, talent coordinators and more, from New York to Alabama to California.

The Access Initiative

We will continually give back to underserved and under-represented communities that are essential for youth development and always remain true to our mission of helping any athlete reach their full potential when they’re willing to put in the work!


Our culture is built on creating an environment that fosters innovation and action. We are looking for people who always ask questions- like our users. Team Members think differently and find new and exciting ways to support our product and one another. They aren’t afraid to take the reins and make things happen.O\


We are a fully remote organization. We know that remote workers are highly productive and require a different type of structure than organizations that want people onsite, in cubicles, all day. It is important our Team Members own their work, have a framework to ensure their voices are heard and they know what measures they will be accountable to.

Benefits + Perks

· Medical insurance               · Unlimited time off·     
. Free subscription                 .100% remote- work from anywhere

What we do

We are designed to mentor our audience in the critical skills needed to succeed in sports, while training character, building emotional IQ, and teaching mental toughness. Our cutting-edge conversational A.I. technology allows users to interact in real-time with our instructors, where they can ask and receive answers to their most sought after questions. We don’t simply want to give people advice. We want to share with them the stories and real-world situations that made our talent who they are today.

We want our team members to be so jazzed

about their work that they can’t wait for

others to see it. Because their work is a

reflection of their talent, innovative spirit

and hard work.
Open Positions
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